The 30mn vulnerability and authenticity games

I believe our relationships and our sexuality both feed on our ability to communicate fully.
The more we show abourt ourselves, the wider the bandwidth, the tastier we become, the more someone wcan get us, be naturally attracted to us.
Thing is, when we are insanely attracted to someone, or even when just a little attracted, we tend to sacrifice who we are, we tend to hide whatever we have that we think could make the person run away.
So we polish our shapes and stay polite.
What happens then ? I am a woman and I can answer : most of the time : b o r i n g :)
These games are designed to train to stop this natural tendency to be hiding parts of ourselves when the situation gets … interesting.
We play at the level you are at, it is smooth, respectful, and centered on you.
The container is framed by your physical sensations. They are our boundaries.
You get to have your authenticity seen, accessed, trained, nourished, played with, celebrated.
Another good news : it can be fun.

  • Together, we play short and vulnerability games for 30 mn
  • We both focus on you and our physical sensations
  • It is like gym for dating, it is safe, it is about sexuality, it is vulnerable
  • You allow this time and space for yourself to get tickled. Safely, vibrantly, playfully.
  • It’s fun, then you spend the day feeling more energized, more connected to yourself and others.

It is help on a 1 to 1 basis, playing short-timed games on Skype for 30mn.
It helps you digging into your authenticity and vulnerability, facing a neutral connected partner. ( I get to be the partner. )
It happens to work like gym for human connections, like staying real while dating someone we really like.
It does help when there is sexuality-related stress or anxiety.
When we have to deal with highly sensitivity, it is a way to learn and to enjoy dealing with interactions better and better.
Little by little, you’ll enjoy noticing the progress you make, like by surprise.
And it is fun !
I do this in French and English.

The cost of a session is €35.

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